Мой любимый диалог. Теперь на английском

— Oh, it’s late. Hey, thanks for the beer.

— Yeah, man.

— I should find a hotel.

— [in disbelief] What?

— What?

— A hotel?

— Yeah.

— Just ask, man.

— What are you talking about?

— [laughs] Three pitchers of beer, and you still can’t ask.

— What?

— You call me because you need a place to stay.

— Oh, hey, no, no, no, I didn’t mean…

— Yes, you did. So just ask. Cut the foreplay and just ask.

— Would — would that be a problem?

— Is it a problem for you to ask?

— Can I stay at your place?

— Yeah.

Мой любимый диалог. Теперь на английском: 1 комментарий

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